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RSVP; theatre, film, events, workshops.

We create art, nurture artists, and envelop & develop community.

RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions)

Email: rsvpireland@gmail.com

RSVP is a theatrical events company based in Cork, Ireland- offering Film, Theatre, Events & Workshops.

'We are all connected' is the motto of our company, and we are delighted to connect with you now. We invite the wider community to support our constantly evolving holistic and inclusive approach to creativity; in this way we invigorate our practices and processes. 

We embrace the challenges of life in our work. Art is in our souls. It is with this inspiration that our company strives to connect to the greater public; encouraging creative thinking. The work of RSVP is adventurous, innovative and fearless, with the support of the incredible artists we are blessed to connect with. We make work in all kinds of spaces, and we constantly invite new people, places and sponsors.  In  film, theatre, inter-disciplinary events, and workshops, we aim for the highest standards of excellence in art. Personal development, social cohesion and community empowerment are our goals.

Thank you for visiting our website, Yvonne Coughlan, director.

  Learn more about Yvonne at IMDb            

RSVP Recommendations. 

"I would have no hesitation in recommending RSVP for their drive, their enthusiasm and their professionalism." Maurice Seezer. Film Composer. Artistic Director and Chair of Fastnet film festival. 

"It was a joy to work with Yvonne" Bibi Baskin. Wellness consultant. Motivational speaker. TV presenter.

"Outstanding production."  Dermot Ryan. Southern Star. 

"The script by Red Sandstone Varied Production's Yvonne Coughlan was excellent." Frank Hanover. Evening Echo. 

"Yvonne was able to create a magical work of theatre... her work transcended culture and language affecting many who saw and experienced it." Cork arts theatre. 

"It was perhaps the most powerful theater piece I have ever seen, I will not forget it." Tom Campbell artist. TomCampbellArt.com

Visit our Testimonials page for more.

An Étude in Art- Short film

So excited about our short film An Étude in Art!  We received a Special Jury Mention in a music category from the wonderful team at the 13th Jaipur International Film Festival, we would love to visit the pink city of India on this occasion, but we see a lot more film projects in the RSVP future. An Étude in Art had its world premiere at the 14th Waterford Film Festival, 20-23 November 2020.  Well done to our cast for winning an Honorable Mention for Best Ensemble Acting in a short film at The Acting Awards- January, 2021 (Los Angeles) We were also presented with a Certificate of Excellence as a finalist in Beyond the Curve International Film Festival December 24, 2020 (France)  

Award for best Silent Film 
An Étage in Art 
This film was begun using our Connections film workshop process. Visit the link to learn more about that.

"Our film goes out in the continued support of 'Cork Samaritans', with our hopes that someone who needs to, will see it at the right time, and make that call. Art is an exploration of life, just as this creator's life is an exploration of art.’ Yvonne Coughlan.

We were all delighted to support
Cork Samaritans
where volunteers work 24 hours a day 7 days a week for those who need support. If life’s hard right now, you don’t have to face it alone. Call free day or night on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.ie

Regret (Short film Script)

Regret was written by Yvonne Coughlan in response to an idea by her great friend and film making colleague Maurice Supple.  This short film screenplay is an emotional father-son story of life’s colourful, passionate highs and its black and white lows; you see the gut punch coming, but it still catches your breath. The script is currently on its festival journey, and has won Best Short Script/ Screenplay at Golden Sparrow International Film Festival,  Tamil Nadu and Crown Wood International Film Festival, West Bengal, and received a Special Jury Award at Indo French International Film Festival. 

Regret was nominated for Best Short Script at Rome Independent Prisma Awards and was a Finalist at  Best Script Awards, London. 

"My hope for the story of this script is that it finds its way to someone, who hears its message in time to act on it, hence causing them to create a better life for themselves. That must surely be the grandest of all hopes for the writer, but I have no regrets in stating such lofty ideals." Yvonne Coughlan.

Our constant call for new friends, collaborators and change makers in general.

Change makers email your responses, conversations, stories, scripts, ideas, frustrations, connections, suggestions, goals, ‘what ifs’ and inspirations to: rsvpireland@gmail.com


Life after Lockdown

Dreaming of life after lock-down. Inflightflix International. DOP/Edit Maurice Supple (Blue Shed Productions). Creative Producer Yvonne Coughan. 

National Campaign For the Arts. (NCFA)

Check out the National Campaign For the Arts. (NCFA)


Firkin Crane First Friday Monthly Meetings (Zoom)

On the first Friday of every month the Firkin Crane are inviting all Dance professionals and Dance and Movement Artists, as well as, ​T​heatre ​M​akers, and ​Community ​M​embers interested in the Venue, to join the online meeting forum.
The Board and Management want to understand  what Firkin Crane can do to support contemporary dance practice in Cork and beyond,  through this current crisis and into the future.​ Your voice needs to be heard, and Firkin Crane wants to be guided by what you have to say.
Forward any agenda suggestions by emailing dance@firkincrane.ie                   www.firkincrane.ie

For a direct communication with the current Chair or the Board of Directors, Yvonne Coughlan, email rsvpireland@gmail.com               

Connections; Make a film in 4 Days

Connections. Fix in Art Hub, Thessaloniki, Greece. 
WORKSHOP 26-29 March 2020 cancelled due to Pandemic/ RSVP and FIX in ART HUB look forward to making 2022 plans

We all Mourn, an installation of Irish HeARTs. Pic. John Allen.

RSVP Workshops

Take link to Weekend Theatre workshops

Visit the beautiful West Cork town of Kinsale, or the fabulous cities of Thessaloniki, Greece, or Warsaw, Poland. Enjoy lunch and dinner in local restaurants Bed & Breakfast in local accommodation

*Professional video and Photographic documentation included with every package

ALL for ONLY 350pp (Flights to locations not included.)

*10+ participants in a private weekend workshop. One month advance booking required. If you make the booking for your 9 friends, then you go free! Oh yeah baby, we reward ingenuity. 

                                            Taking bookings now for Summer 2022 now!!!!

To apply or get more info simply email rsvpireland@gmail.com and request 

  • Amateur Weekend Workshop application form
  • Professional Weekend Workshop application.

Film Workshops and Song Workshops also available, as well as Team Building Corporate Workshops, and School Special Workshops, each workshop is designed to specific group requirements.  Click here for link to further details.

Some of our friends from Cork City Musical Society. Pic. John Allen. Location-Cork School of Music.

Get connected to the area of your RSVP interest

Connections; Make a film in 4 days
  Easter/ Halloween /Christmas                                                              
      Musical Theatre
          The GARDEN of IMAGINATION    
            Film/ Music/ Video                                                                                                                                                                      
Welcome to our  Homepage. 

  Pic. Dragan Tomas.

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Pic. John Allen Images.

(7 Jewish Children) See #5 on our Previous Work page. 

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